Crazy Eights

About the game
This game is based on an example from the book Android Game Programming for Dummies that I made while reading the book and then improved a bit. The graphics will probably not work very well on low res devices (less than 480x800) but unless there is a huge demand for a low-res optimized deck then I will likely not address that problem.

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  • Each player gets 7 cards.
  • Card to be played must match rank or suit (unless it's an eight)
  • An eight can always be played and the player is allowed to choose a new suit.
  • When no card can be played the player must draw cards until a playable card is drawn.
  • The first player with an empty hand wins the hand and the winning score is calculated from the hand of the player that loses.
  • The game ends when a player reaches 300 points.
License information
Bitmaps for card faces was generated from:
Vectorized Playing Cards 1.3-
Copyright 2011 - Chris Aguilar
Licensed under LGPL 3 -