Null Input Method +

This is a more advanced version if my app Null Input Method or you could even consider it a less advanced versions of my app External Keyboard Helper Pro.


  • Hides virtual keyboard (same as Null Input Method does)
  • Keysounds (off by default, enable in settings)
  • Change key repeat delay and rate
  • Configure a key combination to trigger Voice Input (Android 2.2+)
  • App icon brings upp input method selector dialog

The sole purpose for this app is to provide a cheaper and simpler alternative for those who have a device where their keyboard layout is already supported out-of-the-box but still want some of the tweak that External Keyboard Helper offers (see feature list above).

Get it from Google Play.

This is app is NOT for you if...

  • You have a non-US keyboard and you have a device where the non-US keyboard only works when the built in input method is active (most Samsung devices work this way, while Nexus devices do not). If you need the above features then I suggest trying External Keyboard Helper.
  • You have a non-US keyboard and you're device does not support it's layout. External Keyboard Helper is the app for you.
  • You don't read app descriptions but still buy apps expecting them to do stuff that they are not meant to do and then rate them badly because they do not live up to your expectations.