Get started / Tutorials

  1. Getting started - Enable the input method, select a layout and start using External Keyboard Helper.
  2. Remapping some keys - Create a custom layout and remap some keys.
  3. Tweaking some advanced settings - Change the Device ID filter, adjust the keyboard repeat delay, setup a language switch key and some layouts to switch between.
  4. Using CapsLock as AltGr - Some keyboards does not have an Alt or AltGr button but you may still want one and who needs CapsLock anyway?
  5. Application shortcuts and Text strings - Setup shortcuts to quickly start your favorite apps and write text strings that you use often.
  6. Workaround for Samsung devices - Samsung devices wants you to use their own Input Method with external keyboards. That can be quite frustrating.
  7. Enabling Voice Input - Map the "Voice input" keycode to a key to quickly start Voice input using an external keyboard.